“I’ve been working out my whole life and thought I had reached my plateau.  We started a challenge at work and decided to look for a personal trainer to help us acheive our goals.  I had no idea that it would be one of the best decisions I have ever made.  Somehow we got lucky enough to get hooked up with Brent Thacker.  At first I had a hard time believing that what he was telling me would work.  He told me to just give him a month to start seeing results.  I was and am still amazed at the changes in my body.  In just a few short months I dropped 4 sizes.  Brent also has the knowledge of the nutritional side of your life as well.  I only made a few changes in my diet and started to feel much more energized every day.  The program works, I saw it with me and my friend Shelly who was training with me.  We both feel truly blessed to have been able to work with Brent and hope that others will benefit from the same success we have.  There are few people in my life that I can say made a life long impression, Brent is one of those few.”
Tammy P.

“I have exercised and eaten healthy all my life, but dropped the ball 6 years ago. Gradually began to gain weight and went from 115 to 136 pounds.  A year ago a friend and I decided to join this weight loss competition and we both lost 14 pounds e/a in 3 months.  Then, it was time to take it to the next level and be more committed to exercising and healthy eating. I wanted to be physically fit and healthy. To do that I decided to hire a personal trainer. Someone recommended Brent Thacker and today I am so happy I met him. I wouldn’t have accomplished all my goals without his help. His expertise in nutrition and physical training has been the key of my success.  He designed a workout routine based on my needs, and goals. And after 1 month I was able to see the difference. After 2 months I went from size 6 to size 2 and lost another 4 pounds which was my original goal.  It has been 7 months since I started working out with Brent and I continue to get better and stronger every day. I have been working out on my own for the last 4 months following his technique and workout routine and I have been able to keep the extra weight off and look stronger and healthier. My muscles are tight and toned.  And the best of all….I feel Beautiful!!!! Thanks Brent!!!”
Shelly C.

“I am in the recovering phase of quadruple by pass surgery. I completed my twelve weeks of rehab at St Francis Hospital. Due to the situation I wanted to continue with the regiment and my daughter talked me into joining a gym. I spoke to a supervisor at the gym and he recommended me to Brent Thacker. I met with Brent and agreed to a one year contract. At the beginning of the exercise period I could not complete 5 pushups or sit ups and got tired very easily. After a one year period of time with working twice a week with Brent I now can complete with minimal trouble 60 pushups and 60 sit ups and other exercises that were out of the question a year ago.  Brent thanks for all your help and good luck.”
Dave S.

“It’s hard for me and my husband, Brian, to put into words what Brent Thacker has done for us. Most importantly, he has proven himself to be a truly genuine person who honestly cares about each and every person he trains. He makes it his personal mission to see to it that his clients succeed at reaching their goals safely and realistically. When Brent took the time to actually take us to the grocery store and walk down every aisle shopping with us, we knew we had found the right person to train us. Months later, when Brent made sure he was right beside me so I would not cross the finish line dead last, I knew we had found not only a great trainer but an even better friend. It takes more than years of experience and credentials to earn your clients’ trust and respect, it takes heart…and he’s got plenty.”
Leah and Brian K.

“For an 18 month period, I neglected my health by working long hours and not making time to exercise.  At 41, I was on the verge of being placed on high blood pressure medicine and being borderline diabetic, my doctor in February advised me to go to Weight Watchers; instead, I enrolled in a 5 week boot camp class.  Brent was one of my instructors.  Initially, he was one of a team telling us to do X, Y, and Z.  Each time I tried his work out, I could not complete it, and I felt defeated.   My plan was to quit, but Brent was there with encouraging words, driving positive reinforcement for me to continue to try.

By the third week, after focusing on what Brent would share with us, I came out of my non-exercise haze, to realize his routines are well thought out and developed, with purpose.  Brent takes the time to explain and show what and how to do an exercise, and why.  He does this in a manner demonstrating he genuinely cares for each individual’s health welfare.  Over the weeks, his positive influence and his personable style, to include letting us know a little about his life, instilled inspiration in me to believe in my abilities.  Brent’s focus led to my eventual drive to want to excel in each workout.

Every day now, I strive to push my boundaries physically, emotionally and mentally, and I am a more confident individual.

I now decide to make healthier eating choices following Brent’s guidance and input to the group.  He gives us the tools, educating us in fitness and nutrition, which allows us to continue our journey towards a healthier lifestyle.  Brent’s knowledge for, and love of fitness, is addicting.  I continue on my own with a personal group of friends with Brent offering guidance as we need.  My doctor gave me a clean bill of health; he was very impressed with how fast my situation turned around simply from my boot camp sessions.  My doctor told me at my follow-up visit, he expected to write me a prescription for blood pressure medicine, and instead he said to keep doing whatever it was I was doing.

I am thankful for Brent’s influence for me to tap into my potential…..he empowers you.

Brent is unique, he is passionate about fitness and people’s well being, and is invaluable as a source for those seeking improvement.”
Kristine S.

“Brent made me actually look forward to working out every day.  The first time ever I didn’t mind sweating!”
Brandy C.

“Brent Thacker is truly a wellness guru – knowledgeable, insightful, patient and kind. He has a gift for teaching and inspiring his classes by example. Brent has mastered the science of wellness through years of study and practice and is able to distill that knowledge into a personalized program in a group setting. It is obvious that his passion is helping us realize our potential. My months of classes with Brent have ended, but I will continue to use him as a resource on my own path to true wellness. He has totally changed my approach to fitness, and frankly – to life.”
Leigh S.

“Brent has been a godsend to my family and I. His ability to teach, support, and nurture someone who has been so “broken” for years is amazing. What I have learned from Brent in just about a year has completely changed my life physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. He has worked wonders with my 7 year old improving his eating habits, coordination, and confidence.

My success has been so great that many in our workplace were interested in working with Brent. We collaborated and created an amazing wellness program that would suite the needs of any employee. We are proud to say that we have, an astounding, 25% of our workforce participating. Brent comes to our facility 3 days a week to conduct individual, small and large group training and weekly nutritional and fitness lectures during breaks. In 1 year we have collectively lost over 350 lbs, blood pressure and cholesterol has been drastically reduced, and employees are coming off all types of medications. This has lowered our risk in respect to our health care coverage, which will save us thousands of dollars each year. Since all levels of employees participate, hourly, supervisors, managers, and board members, employees are getting to know each other, forming support groups, and bonding in ways never expected. The teambuilding aspect is wonderful and has improved our company morale during the worst of economic times.”
Maria B. 

“Brent genuinely cares about people and helping them reach their goals. As a client, it is very motivating to work with someone who is so passionate and enthusiastic about what they do. With his experience and expertise, I always learned a lot & looked forward to training with him.”
Kim G.

“I was very nervous to begin personal training (you know, I thought I should get in shape before I began), but I was even more anxious that my window of opportunity to get fit was diminishing with every year I let slip away.  Then I was introduced to Brent Thacker.  He met me where I was (unfit), and step-by-step proved to me that even in my 50s I can be fit and healthy and strong.  I brought my time and effort, and Brent brought the encouragement (this man is uniquely gifted in his dedication to his clients’ success) and expertise necessary for me to achieve the best fitness and health of my life.  I am now 20 pounds lighter and able to hang with the best of them at the gym (my personal favorite accomplishment – doing kipping pull-ups! – imagine that).  As someone who has no desire to be a sport-specific athlete, an added bonus has been that I can now participate in activities outside the gym that interest me (surfing, rock-climbing, hiking, family backyard football, etc.) at an age when most of my cronies are sidelining themselves.  Training with Brent has been the best investment of my life!”
Mary Claire F.